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Background to our place in Buzios/Natal

We are two Swedes who have seen most parts of our globe, but found Buzios/Natal as something very special. So we invested in these two places, and in order not to only enjoy them for ourselves - we hope you will find it interesting to make a visit.

On this page you can find some basic information, please, do not hesitate to contact us for more updates and dialogue - Enjoy Life Now!

How to get to Buzios

The Beach of Buzios is a village about 20 minutes, by car, south of the city of Natal (Northeast Brazil in South America).

Of course, we can suggest and support various alternatives for practicalities. From being welcomed at arrival in Natal by a friendly assistant, with pick up at the airport and transport to Buzios beach. She or he will make sure you are completely settled and will answer all your questions before leaving you to enjoy your vacation. When you like it more independent it is easy to get around by yourself - that is how we found this beautiful and 'secret seashell'. 

Bus takes about 25 minutes from Natal/Ponta Negra. It goes frequently by two operators, direction southern beaches towards Cotovelo, Tabatinga. It costs some Real (~1$)

Taxis are easily obtainable and is a bit quicker, the place to go to is Praia de Buzios (Sunshine flat/Big Blue and/or Riviera de Buzios 10000, it is 200 m in between). Prices may vary, but about 30 Reais (~10$). These two can take bookings: Disque Taxi Natal (tel. 084/223-7388) or Radio Taxi (tel. 084/221-5666). Brazil cc: +55 

Air flights to Natal International Airport (NAT, Augusto Severo) is affordable via charter (air seat) through most larger cities in Europe, for example Goteborg, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Lisboa etc. It is also possible to book flights all year around with major airlines for example Varig, TAP, Portugalia, TAM etc

What to do in Buzios

Buzios is embedded between the blue ocean, a long beach and white sanddunes. In Buzios you will find a few restaurants and bars, a small water park (great for spending the day out with the family). For all your immediate household and meal needs, there’s a supermarket across the street from the Riviera de Buzios, called Marzao. It is small but you will find most necessities from bread, milk, cheese and coffee, meat, fish, vegetables, pre-cooked food to hygene articles and snacks and drinks.
Natal is the nearest big city to Buzios. Natal is also the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, the Northeasternmost state in Brazil. With a population of about 830.000 people, Natal still offers a small town feeling. Only 4 degrees below the Equator, Natal and the ocean that surrounds it is a tropical paradise. Beach is a way of life in this city. Natal is a marvellous for tourists, 300 days of sun a year, the city with the cleanest air in South America, beaches, and a lot cheaper than Rio de Janeiro.  Especially in low season.  Brazilians peak vacation season is December to February (carnival and the local CarNatal). Natal is a very relaxed and informal town and time is of little importance, the perfect place to relax and spend your vacation. The locals are friendly and helpful, a truly positive experience. Along the Ponta Negra beachwalk you can enjoy many restaurants, nightclubs, bars and live entertainment any day of the week, all year around. You will also enjoy the varied seafood as well as typical dishes and drinks at front beach restaurants and bars.
Still, Buzios is the ideal place to live, close to Natal but still an untouched piece of paradise. The reason that Buzios has not been exploited in the same way is its origin in a quite fishing village surrounded by giant sand dunes. In these sand dunes there are sweet water lagoons, which have made it a natural reserve since the military closed down a training camp.
For more information about Natal, Buzios and its surrounding area visit these websites: http://www.natal-brazil.com/

Activities in Buzios/Natal

In Buzios you can go Fishing, Surfing (wavesurf in the sea front, windsurf behind the reef ~500m, kitsurf at both places...), Snorkeling, Biking, Horse riding, Swimming, Sailing, Play Tennis, Hiking, Dolphin spotting... 

Next door there are possibilities ranging from Paragliding, Rockclimbing, Dancing, Dune buggy tours, Golfing, Capoiera, Diving and more

The cultural scene is found everywhere as well as in Natals great theatre and various places with vivid activities

Enjoy also the varied wildlife and many tropical plant species at the tropical botanical park in Natal. One of only two left from the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. Don’t miss the Forte dos Reis Magos, a fortress dating back to the 16th century, used by the Portuguese to protect the city from foreign invaders, which was briefly occupied by the Dutch in the 17th century. Visit also the Centro de Turismo, and old prison turned shopping showcase for the many types of local artifacts and handmade treasures created by local artisans. Naturally, the tourist areas offer large possibilties for shopping from large and modern malls to more local markets 

Rio Grande do Norte has a rich pre-historic heritage possible to visit on-site as well as through museums. Legends and histories, arts and books...

Brazil has lots of friendly and interesting people, of course it is good to know some travel portuguese or 'spanish/portinol' but in fact humans can communicate in many ways - especially in Brazil. The warm hearted Brazilians are very helpful 

Tudo bom!    and the sign: Thumbs up!  Together with a smile will open doors for You   :-) 


The place to stay: Sunshine flat and/or Riviera de Busios

When you arrive you find all your needs fulfilled (all year around, 24/7). We offer two places: Sunshine flat and Rivera do Buzios.


Prices charged according to conditions and agreements, please, contact us for an offer. Email: jonas.karlsson@xpony.com  or  magnus_holmqvist@hotmail.com To give some idea/indication: Sunshine flat 100$ per week and Riviera de Buzios 200$ per week. A deposit may be required to hold your reservation. Date changes or cancellations should be made no later than two weeks prior to your arrival date in order for your deposit to be refunded. Changes of date are possible depending on availability. For your convenience we arrange payment method as we agree.

Other Services

For small fees other extra services can be provided upon your request for your convenience. To give some indications: Maid service $25/day, Babysitting service $5/hr or $40/day, Weekly cleaning (provided you stay more than 1 week) $40/week, Food and necessities stocked prior to your arrival $45

Highlights upon housing:  Sunshine flat (Left) / Riviera do Buzios (Right)

Sunshine flat is suitable for 2 persons (+2 in bedsofa)  /  Riviera do Buzios for 4 persons

Floor space: 40  /  80  m2
Number of rooms: 1.5  /  3+
Number of of sleeping accomodations (beds): 2 (+2)  /  4
Number of bathrooms and showers: 1  /  2

Bathrooms and WCs

Number of bathrooms: 1 / 2 separate WCs and bathrooms with shower

External facilities of accommodation

  • Pool  /  Pool (+childrens pool)
  • Car Parking  /  Car parking
  • Pool table  /  Pool table
  • Balcony  /  Terrace
  • Indoor Barbeque  /  Outdoor Barbecue
  •   -  /  Garden
  •   -  /  Tennis court
  •  TV room  /  - 

Utilities, 'normal arrangement'

  • Bed linen provided
  • Towels provided
  • Kitchen stove   2 gas ring stove /  4 ring stove with owen
  • Fridge with freezer  
  • Kitchen, cooking and cleaning utilities
  • Hammocks 


  • Long term rental possible
  • Only for non-smokers
  • Low allergen environment
  • Pets not allowed
  • Seniors suitable
  • Children welcomed


Type of holidays and time to visit

  • Relaxing holidays
  • Family holidays
  • Cultural and sightseeing holidays
  • Romantic holidays
  • Holidays for singles
  • Sport holidays
  • Beach holiday
  • Hiking holidays
  •  ...
  • All year around  (Only some daily rainshowers Apr-Jun)

Contact Us Now!
Jonas.Karlsson@xpony.com and/or magnus_holmqvist@hotmail.com

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